Sudeten Houses Comfortable. Intimate. Cosily. Humanly.

Houses in Klodzko Valley for sale and for rent

The mountain landscape beauty to watch and clean crystal air to breath are those qualities that we always highly value. You can enjoy them living in the SPA zone – where they are simply right outside, close and reachable. That is why a house in Klodzko Valley - own or rented - guarantees the real & unique contact with nature.

The properties we offer will be built in Radochow, small peaceful village near the famous Ladek-Zdroj SPA Resort. Sudeten houses located in a heart of picturesque Klodzko Land are perfect destination if you are looking for an intimate holiday apartment, small cozy residence to be your Home or just a place to stay for a few days, weeks or months. Living in a house designed for your comfort and privacy that – after all – determine the quality of our lives, is always a good choice.

The Kłodzko Region is gaining popularity gradually. It becomes a destination that, on the basis of landscape values and tourist attractions, builds a brand of a place that guarantees appropriate conditions for joyfull holidays and for living in harmony with nature. It is good to come to Radochów on vacation, enjoy the unique microclimate of the SPA, visit unusual interesting places. You can also buy a house here for yourself and thus safely invest your funds and sell the property profitably in the future (if necessary). The attractive location near the mountain resort of Lądek-Zdrój guarantees that a rented or own apartment will be both a successful form of saving savings against loss of value and an ideal place to spend your free time. The turnkey Sudeten houses, creating an intimate, architecturally thought-out complex of buildings, will be perfect place for relaxation and shall gain the recognition of Guests who value a sense of discretion and comfort.

A house for you near the Ladek-Zdroj SPA Resort

The offer has got two options: few houses will be for sale and the rest for rent. The traditional shape simplicity of Sudeten houses ensures the architectural harmony with their surroundings. The project main criteria assume the use of modern building materials and the responsibility in approach to all issues related the environment. The property location in the heart of the ecologically clean region is an important factor determining this real estate value. It might be worth considering in a decision making process of capital investment direction.

Tradition and modernity in a Sudeten cottage

A small house in Sudety Mountains – furnished and designed for the comfort of residents, equipped with modern installations – will fully meet the needs & expectations of its future owners and Guests visiting the Klodzko Valley. It can be purchased or rented for any period of time what – in both cases – gives you a great opportunity to change the environment to more appropriate one concerning health care and privacy. You are welcome to contact us for further details.