General information

Only 10 residential & leisure cottage houses inspired by the historic Sudeten architecture will be built in Radochow in “C” SPA zone of the Lower Silesian Ladek-Zdroj Resort.

The magnetic simplicity of the buildings and the functionality of the rooms are designed to meet your needs. The main idea is to make them cozy & comfortable.

Radochow village is a perfect location for those whose professional activity does not involve staying in one place. Living in the countryside seems to be very convenient & attractive accommodation solution for those who live alone in a too large house from which the children moved out, who are looking for themselves [or relatives] for a place to spend the autumn of life or just want to have a cottage house outside the city.

You will be able to live in the Sudeten house all year long or just from time to time, e.g. when you feel like relaxing by staying closer to the unique local nature or catching your breath and looking at various matters from a broader perspective.

The selection of building materials and equipment will combine the tradition of Sudeten aesthetics with modern requirements in the field of energy demand & usage balance and respect for the natural environment.

The house could be bought or rented [for a few-day stays or long-term rental] with the purchase option. To find the best solution for you – it will be good to meet and talk about details.

General information